Swedish sportswear brand Craft creates footwear and apparel that makes people all over the world move, always with consideration for our shared arena. Our mission is to map, systematize and package the company’s sustainability efforts for the global market.

To illustrate the fact that sustainability is a work in progress, we named the initiative Craft Circle, and gave it a distinct visual language and identity that connects to the overall brand. Next, we connected with key representatives to set KPIs for every part of the production chain, from design to delivery, to ensure that the initiative is fully integrated in the company’s daily operations. The goals are set on a timetable to push things forward, encouraging all departments to constantly evaluate everything from materials and production methods to shipping alternatives in order to meet an important milestone by 2030 – reducing greenhouse gas emissions beyond the 1.5°C warming target.

From a communicative standpoint, Craft Circle is also made to be integrated in every customer journey touchpoint, from e-comm to physical retail stores. Labels, tags, product information and packaging point to the website, which acts as a global hub for information about goals, materials and overall progress, along with a yearly report distributed to employees, retailers and partners. As an overall goal for the initiative is to further sustainable business models, Craft Circle will also acts as a platform for circular offers in the future.

Follow the progress

Craft Circle launched in 2022, and will stretch to 2030 and beyond. To check our progress, visit

Decrease in carbon emissions