Made with sports DNA


What difference can a sports heritage make in the corporate world? Quite a lot when it comes to general productivity and sales numbers.

Studies show that physical activity in the workplace has a positive effect on sick leave, employee wellbeing and overall productivity. The concept ”Made with sports DNA” highlights the benefits of corporate wear designed with more than 40 years’ experience of making apparel for the world’s best athletes. Bringing fit, fabrics and functionality that inspire an active lifestyle to the modern workplace, while differentiating Craft’s corporate offer from traditional fashion brands.

Creating functional wear for the modern workplace is a good start when it comes to fighting inactivity. To extend the campaign, the brand also offers bespoke wellness programs for customer workforces. Inspiring employees to take the stairs more often, schedule more meetings on the move and make exercise a natural part of the daily work routine.

The launch campaign for the 2022 Active Corporate Wear collection consists of a brand film, social content, print ads and sales presentations. Bringing the message that even though the collection is designed for the office rather than the gym, it still made with sports DNA. A good thing, at least in most cases*.


Increase in orders
New markets
Actors injured*