Beauty Distilled

Lernberger Stafsing

Timeless influences, unique ingredients and scientific expertise in every drop. Our communication concept for Lernberger Stafsing brings together the brand’s roots, process and products into a simple, poetic promise.

Branding – Concept – Campaigns

Swedish lifestyle beauty brand Lernberger Stafsing was founded to bring a timeless elegance to your days and nights. Creatively led by style icons Patrik Lernberger and Mattias Stafsing, the brand takes a different, more personal approach to beauty. Instead of focusing on problem areas and clinical claims, the idea is to employ a holistic perspective on modern hair and skincare. Starting with the philosophical question of what beauty is, and how it can enrich our everyday lives, to developing unique formulations with potent, natural ingredients and alluring fragrances that bring out your inner grace.

The concept ”Beauty Distilled” is made to function as a guideline for all verbal and visual communication, connecting brand, category and product messaging across all touch points during the customer journey. Allowing the brand to focus on it’s aesthetic roots in the Swedish Grace period, the artisanal process or a specific product. Or communicating all three at the same time if needed.

Ageless, genderless and timeless. A key part of the brand is questioning unhealthy ideals when it comes to how we think of beauty and how we live our lives. Communicating that beauty is not a standard to live up to, it’s something that exists inside and around you.

To bring the brand’s promise all the way to every point of purchase, we’ve collaborated closely with the brand on packaging typography, copy and content. Making it evident that every bottle contains a desire to beautify the world, and is made by artisans with pure ingredients, passion and Scandinavian sensibility.

To help build the brand and stimulate sales, we’ve created everything from always on content for the brand’s own channels to sales campaigns for online and traditional retailers.