Stand out from standard

Nitro Wheels

Nitro makes premium aftermarket wheels for any car and destination. The concept ”Stand out from standard” is designed to highlight the consumer promise and help the brand stand out from the competition.

Brand – Concept – Web – Social

Nitro’s wheels are designed in Scandinavia and driven all over the world. Since the launch, the brand has been growing steadily with the aim of becoming the top-of-mind alternative to factory wheels. To make the ambition a reality, we developed a new strategy and concept that focuses on the car as an extension of personal style, and began communicating with a wider target demographic. From young racing aficionados to premium car owners of all ages and genders.

To reach premium car owners, we decided to leave the standard imagery of cars, sunsets and greasy garages behind. Instead, we created a colorful, animated 3D world for the brand. The visual concept lets us highlight everything from product benefits such as fit, balance and longevity to features like colors, finishes and designs, in a way that signals luxury and style.

Made from high-quality alloys that can be recycled at the end of the road. The visual world gives the brand a unique setting for B2B and B2C campaigns, for everything from product launches to sustainability messages.

A premium experience made from premium materials. Nitro Wheels’ high-quality aluminum and metal alloys can be shaped to fit any car. Or made to serve refreshments at trade fairs and exhibitions. Besides activations, our mission includes strategy, branding, print, online and social campaigns, website design, content and coding, motion and films.

Light, strong and perfectly balanced. Product features that translate into better handling, longer life and increased range and fuel efficiency down the road.


During our first year together, Nitro sales reached an all time high, and overall market share in the Nordic countries have increased yearly.

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Increase in web traffic
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